Helpful Resources

Each of the links listed below will lead to another website and information we hope you will find helpful. Be sure to review our Earth Day page, Facebook and Instagram feeds, YouTube channel, and TikTok for additional resources!

General Resources
City of Brisbane– Waste & Recycling
City of Millbrae– Recycling & Waste Prevention
City of South San Francisco– Garbage, Recycling & Organics Collection
County of San Mateo Office of Sustainability– Waste Reduction
CalRecycle– Waste Reduction
Flows to Bay– Preventing Stormwater Pollution

Hazardous Waste Management
San Mateo County Health– Safe Waste Disposal (Hazardous Waste Programs)
California Department of Toxic Substance Control– Managing Hazardous Waste–No-Charge Paint Recycling
MED-Project–Medication Disposal

Waste Reduction Assistance
Bay Area Recycling Outreach Coalition– Stop Junk Mail, Stop Food Waste, Bring Your Own Bag
Catalog Choice– Stop Junk Mail
California Product Stewardship Council (CPSC)

Donation/Reuse Opportunities
CalMax–Materials exchanges
Second Harvest Food Bank– Donate Food
Peninsula Food Runners– Donate Food
The Salvation Army– Donate Goods
Goodwill– Donate Goods
St. Vincent de Paul– Donate Goods
Resource Area for Teaching– Donate Materials
SCRAP– Donate Materials

Waste Reduction for Businesses
California Green Business Network
CalRecycle– Tools & Resources: Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP)
UseReusables– Reusable Transport Packaging
Acterra– Workplace Sustainability Program

Green Building
CalRecycle– Green Building
U.S. Green Building Council– LEED Projects
Flows To Bay– Litter Reduction Fact Sheet

Waste-Related Legislation
AB 341— Requiring businesses to separate recyclables from garbage.
AB 1826— Requiring all businesses generating 2 cubic yards or more of waste per week to implement an organics recycling program. Also requiring all multifamily residential complexes with 5 or more living units to implement an organics recycling program for yard trimmings.
SB 1383— Sets statewide targets to reduce disposal of organic waste in landfills and recover edible food.