Roll-Off Box

South San Francisco Scavenger Company is the exclusive provider of roll-off box service in the cities of South San Francisco, Millbrae and Brisbane. We do not provide service in other cities.

Please call (650) 589-4020 or use our contact form to arrange for the right size box for your temporary construction, landscaping, or cleaning project. Commercial customers may also request debris box service for regular garbage or properly sorted recyclables.

Click here to review answers to frequently asked questions about roll-off service. Note that treated wood waste (TWW), fluorescent lamps/tubes, and other hazardous wastes are not allowed in any roll-off box.

Our roll-off boxes are available in the following sizes:

Cubic YardsWLH
5 (mini box)5 ft, 4 in6 ft, 8 in4 ft, 4 in
7 (dirt/rock/concrete box)5 ft, 5 in12 ft, 5 in4 ft
148 ft12 ft, 5 in5 ft
208 ft16 ft, 5 in5 ft
308 ft18 ft7 ft

For current rate information, please select the appropriate city below: