Minimum Charge$38 Per LoadAll loads are subject to a minimum charge.
Trash / Garbage / Refuse $165 Per Ton
Construction & Demolition (C&D)$180 Per TonPer Customer REQUEST. Loads containing 70%+ recyclable
material. Includes a Verified C&D “Recycle” receipt upon exit for
project, permit or city requirements. 65% minimum landfill diversion. Loads that do not meet this will be charged as Trash.
Clean Wood Waste$158 Per Ton Only applies to 100% clean non-contaminated loads. Absolutely no pressure treated or painted lumber. No railroad ties or telephone poles. No Trash.
Clean Tree Trimmings/Yard Waste$158 Per TonOnly applies to 100% clean non-contaminated loads. No trash, rock, dirt, concrete or gravel. No flower pots, flats, or treated plant stakes.
Dirt, Rock, Concrete, or Asphalt$158 Per TonOnly applies to 100% clean non-contaminated loads. No garbage, grass, plants. Up to ½ in rebar acceptable.
Clean Cardboard$40 Per TonOnly applies to 100% clean cardboard. No paper, plastic, packing materials, Styrofoam, bags, trash, or any other materials mixed in the load.
Clean Newspaper/Mixed Paper $70 Per TonOnly applies to 100% clean newspaper and/or mixed office paper. No cardboard, plastic, packing materials, Styrofoam, bags, trash, or
any other materials mixed in the load.
Plastics, Glass, or Metals$165 Per Ton

SPECIAL CHARGE ITEMS (charges are applied in addition to per ton or flat rate charge)

Refrigerators$43 Each
Water Heaters $23 Each
Appliance$23 EachMicrowaves, Toaster Ovens, Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers
Mattresses & Box Springs$23 Each Residential customers see additional info section for Bye Bye Mattress Program.
Garage Doors – Wood$26 EachWood Garage doors subject to charge.
TVs, Monitors, and Other CRTs No Charge Must not be cracked or shattered.
Small items$7 EachAccessories, phones, radios, small speakers, adding machines, power cords, misc. small electronics
Large items $22 Each Computer towers, hard drives, printers, fax machines, floor stereos,
copy machines, large stereo/sound system speakers
Solar Panels / PV Modules$3 Per lb
Passenger/Light Truck$18 Each
Passenger/Light Truck With Rim$21 Each
Large Tire (over 16”) $34 Each
Tractor Tires$86 Each
Fluorescent tubes – 4ft or less $5.00 EachUp to 40 per day
Fluorescent tubes – over 4ft$6.00 EachUp to 40 per day
Compact Fluorescent Bulbs$5.00 EachUp to 40 per day
Cooking Oil$2.00 per galResidential customers only. Up to 10 gallons per day.
Household Batteries$3.00 per lb
PRESSURIZED TANKS (Helium/Propane): Tanks at atmospheric pressure are accepted at trash rate. Otherwise the rates listed below apply.
16 oz (mini camp propane tanks) $9 Each
20 lbs (standard propane tank) $17 Each
30 lbs – 40 lbs$49 Each
50 lbs & up $99 Each

SPECIAL HANDLING FEES (charges are applied in addition to per ton or flat rate charge)

Uncovered Load Charge$20 EachAny load arriving at the scale house that is not fully covered and tied down is subject to this charge.
Facility Use Fee — Semi Trucks $230 Each
Push Off Fee $60 Per Ton
Boat Destruction Fee$140 Each
Destruction Fee$145 Per Hour1 hour minimum charge.
Large Bulky Item Handling Fee$40-$500 EachTree stumps/timber over 12″ diameter & 6′ long. Any other large, hard-to-handle items/materials.
Treated Wood Waste (TWW)$50 per loadLoads containing more than 50% TWW will incur additional charge.


Certified Weight Certificate$25 Each
Paint No Charge 10 gallon limit per day; more info at
Automotive BatteriesNo Charge
2 battery limit per day
Motor Oil & FiltersNo Charge 10 gallon & 4 filter limit per day
AntifreezeNo Charge 10 gallon limit per day
Sharps ContainersNo Charge2 sharps container limit per day– must be in rigid container (no bags)

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Additional Info:


No charge for disposal of up to 4 units (mattresses or box springs) only. Fees apply if units are brought in with other items or in a commercial vehicle (program is for residential customers only).


Please visit San Mateo County Environmental Health or call

  • 650.363.4718- Residential Program
  • 650.363.4356- Commercial Program


Please call 415.647.4890.