Happy Earth Day!

2024 Events– Get Involved!

Litter clean ups, invasive plant removals, tree plantings, and similar events are hosted throughout the year. Clicking on the graphics and links below will take you to upcoming activities.

San Bruno Mountain Watch Event Calendar— look for Earth Day Habitat Restoration on 4/20/24

City of South San Francisco City Calendar— look for the Fixit Clinic on 4/20/24

City of Millbrae Event Calendar— look for Garden Day on 4/6/24 and Earth/Arbor Day on 4/27/24

Sign Hill Stewards Calendar– look for multiple habitat restoration days

Clean South City / Limpia South City (Community Cleanup organized by Rise South City)– sign up to help on 4/14/24 or 4/27/24

Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA Event Calendar— look for Earth Day sustainable pet toy making workshop on 4/20/24

California State Parks Foundation Workday Calendar— look for a variety of events throughout California

SSF Fixit Clinic flyer for April 20, 2024

SSF Earth Day Event flyer for April 14, 2024
San Bruno Mountain Watch volunteer opportunities
Millbrae Garden Day announcement for April 6, 2024
Sign Hill Habitat Restoration volunteer opportunities

Will You Help Make Earth Day Every Day?

Start by furthering your understanding of problems caused by waste, litter, and pollution. The knowledge you gain will help you to select, practice and share more earth-friendly behaviors.

Below are several links to informative video clips. They are best watched with a family member, friend or larger group. After each video, discuss what each viewer thinks is the most important takeaway and why.

If any questions come up, or if anyone has a comment, idea or resource to share, please email us at info@ssfscavenger.com. We’ll respond and might also share on our Facebook or Instagram feeds.

Video Links

For Younger Children

Additional Resources

Sign up for Acterra’s You(th) Be The Change Program. [Designed for middle school students.]

Participate in TEDEd’s Earth School.  It includes a whole month of daily adventures that will help you understand and celebrate our natural world, while learning about how dependent we are on our planet.

Review the websites linked to our Resources page.

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