Multifamily Rates & Services

South San Francisco Scavenger Company provides garbage and recycling collection services to multifamily residential properties in the cities of South San Francisco, Millbrae and Brisbane. Service at multifamily properties is shared by multiple tenants but is billed to one account holder– usually the owner or a management company.

For regular weekly service, we provide various container options from 32-gallon wheeled carts to 6-cubic yard bins (with many options in between). Number and size of carts/bins and frequency of collection are determined by volumes of waste generated and available space. Service must be provided at least once per week.

An appropriate level of paper, container (bottles, cans, etc.), and cardboard recycling is provided for no charge to customers subscribing to an adequate level of garbage service. Rates for organics service are the same as those for garbage. Collection of large items and overflow waste require special arrangements. State law requires proper sorting of waste items.

Approximate container dimensions are provided in our Commercial Service Guide.

Please call or text us at (650) 589-2020 or use our contact form to request more information.

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