Multifamily Recycling/Organics Program

California Laws Require Waste Sorting

Assembly Bill 341 requires multifamily residential complexes with 5 or more living units to separate recyclable materials from their garbage.

Assembly Bill 1826 requires multifamily residential complexes with 5 or more living units to implement an organics recycling program for yard trimmings.

Senate Bill 1383 sets statewide targets to reduce disposal of organic waste in landfills and recover edible food.

We Can Help You Comply!

South San Francisco Scavenger offers no-charge collection of properly sorted cardboard, paper, and recyclable containers. We offer organics collection at the same charge as garbage service. An adequate level of weekly garbage service is required before recycling services can be added.

Durable, easy to clean, recyclables collection tote bags are available for no charge. We will provide one per living unit to encourage tenants to correctly sort and transport recyclables from their home to the correct carts or bins for collection. Each bag features trilingual, graphic-rich instructions for use.

South San Francisco Scavenger also provides a variety of educational materials to encourage participation in recycling programs. Look for printer-friendly guides, posters, labels, and more here.

Ready to Add Recycling/Organics Service?

Call or text us at (650) 589-4020 or use our contact form.  Our customer service and outreach team members are here to answer all your questions and get you started!