Let us take it off your hands! It’s free, easy, and best of all—it’s part of the regular curbside collection program for residents of single-family homes in the cities of South San Francisco, Millbrae and Brisbane. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Collect used motor oil in a clean, secure, and labeled screw-top container that is 5 quarts or smaller. You can repurpose an empty detergent or bleach bottle. You can also use the original oil container.
  2. Contain used oil filters in a clear zip-top bag. Be sure to seal the bag.
  3. Place used motor oil and filters next to your blue RECYCLING cart on your normal collection day.

Limit of 5 containers of used oil and 5 filters per collection day. Oil cannot be mixed with any other substance. Contaminated oil cannot be collected curbside. It must be taken to the San Mateo County Household Hazardous Waste Facility. Drop-off is free with an appointment for all San Mateo County residents. Schedule an appointment here or call (650) 372-6200.

Not eligible for curbside collection? Rather take your used oil and filters to a free drop-off location? San Mateo County residents are encouraged to deliver their oil and filters to a nearby collection center.

  1. Call the drop-off location prior to bringing your used oil and filter to verify hours and limitations.
  2. Collect used oil in a clean, non-breakable plastic container that has a screw-on cap.
  3. Place used oil filter into a plastic bag and seal tightly.
  4. Deliver used motor oil and filters to the collection center. Always give used motor oil and filters to a staff member.
  5. Never abandon used oil or filters outside of the business when the shop is closed. This is illegal.

Nearby collection centers include:


320 El Camino Real
(650) 697-3504

Firestone Store
1201 El Camino Real
(650) 871-9096

O’Reilly Auto Parts #2581
1200 El Camino Real
(650) 583-0443

South San Francisco

Blueline Transfer Station
500 E. Jamie Ct.
(650) 589-4020

N.O.D. Auto Service
442 Victory Ave.
(415) 988-7557

O’Reilly Auto Parts
1059 El Camino Real
(650) 589-8102

South San Francisco (cont.)

O’Reilly Auto Parts
3541 Callan Blvd.
(650) 827-9081

Shiva Auto Repair
118 S. Spruce Ave.
(650) 225-0600

For additional locations, maps and more information, please visit the San Mateo County Health website.