South San Francisco Scavenger Co. Awards and Recognition

Through the years, we are honored to be recognized by the community.

            • SSF Scavenger Receives Achievement of Climate Registered Status 2016
            • SSF Scavenger Receives Green Business Certification 2016
            • SSF Scavenger Receives Recipient of Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award 2015
            • Recipient of Sustainable San Mateo County Award 2011
            • 30 Year Membership Recognition-Millbrae Chamber of Commerce 2010
            • South San Francisco City Council Certificate of Recognition 2010
            • California Assembly Certificate of Recognition from Assembly member Jerry Hill 2010
            • City of Millbrae Commendation 2010
            • Certificates of Appreciation from Congresswoman Jackie Spier 2010
            • Millbrae School District Board of Trustees Commendation 2010
            • San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Commendations 2010
            • 10 Year Super Star Award from the City of Brisbane
            • Climate Registered Designation for completing CY2006-2009 GHG Emissions Inventory Verifications
            • Millbrae Chamber of Commerce-Chamber Excellence Award 2009
            • South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Business Award for Community Involvement 2009
            • California Assembly Certificate of Recognition-Environmental Leadership Award 2009
            • South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Certificate of Appreciation 2008
            • 2007 Star Award from the City of Brisbane