How will I be charged?

We charge a “per-pull rate” each time the roll-off box is serviced. The price is based on the size of the box.

How long can I keep the roll-off box?

3 days for a 5 yard mini box and 7 days for 14-30 cubic yard boxes.

How high can I load the boxes?

Only up to the top. If it’s overfilled, then we can’t transport them. Materials should also be evenly distributed inside the box.

Can anything go in the roll-off box?

No hazardous materials are allowed. (Such as oil, paint, chemicals, asbestos or any items defined as hazardous under Federal, State or local laws). Also: No tires or electronic waste.

Where do you set the box?

The box can be placed in the street or near your garbage enclosure. Residents requesting driveway placement will need to sign a waiver.

How do I track landfill diversion (like for CalGreen or LEED)?

Our invoices provide most of the information you will need. Click here for more information.


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