We charge a “per-pull rate” each time the roll-off box is emptied. The rate is based on the size of the box and type of material collected. Pre-payment is required.

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South San Francisco

Orders must be made at least one business day before the box is needed. Scheduling a few days out is preferred and appreciated.

Up to three days for a 5 cubic yard mini box and seven days for larger boxes. Additional fees may apply when boxes are kept longer.

Yes. Materials must be evenly distributed and cannot be loaded higher than the top of the box. If the box has lids, they must be able to fully close. Also, boxes cannot be too heavy to legally haul. If disposing of dirt, rock, concrete, or similarly heavy materials, a 7 cubic yard box must be used. An improperly loaded roll-off may need to be unloaded and could incur additional fees.

No hazardous materials are allowed. Electronic waste, tires, paint, pesticides, asbestos, creosote, pressure-treated wood, auto parts & fluids, chemicals (photo, pool, or lab for example), batteries, fluorescent lights, pressurized tanks or any material defined as hazardous cannot be placed in a roll-off box.

Boxes are typically placed in the street, in a parking lot, in or near a garbage enclosure, or at a loading dock. Delivery/removal requires a significant amount of space for our truck to safely maneuver. Residents requesting driveway placement are required to sign a waiver. The cities of Millbrae and Brisbane both require permits for a box placed on a public street. Boxes that become blocked may incur additional fees.

Our invoices provide most of the information you will need: service date, material type & weight collected, confirmation that loads were processed at Blue Line Transfer (which achieves 65% landfill diversion of mixed construction & demolition material loads). Click here for supporting documentation. Contact us for assistance with LEED projects.

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