Waiver For Adult Visitors

Important: No one will be allowed to tour the Blue Line Transfer Station and Recycling Facility (the “Facility”) unless a copy of this waiver form, signed by the individual, is delivered to Blue Line Transfer, Inc. prior to the tour.

Blue Line Transfer, Inc. owns and operates the Transfer Station and Recycling Facility located at 500 East Jamie Court in South San Francisco. Many tons of garbage are processed at the Facility each day. Most of the garbage is either transferred from garbage trucks to large trailers and hauled to the landfill, or sorted and recycled by Blue Line Transfer, Inc.

Activities conducted at the Facility can present significant dangers to visitors who do not wear a hard hat and protective eyewear or do not follow the rules of the Facility, including remaining at all times in areas designated by the Facility employee in charge of the visit or tour. Blue Line Transfer, Inc. and its affiliate, South San Francisco Scavenger Co., Inc., work with the Cities and Counties they serve to educate local residents, businesses and schools about solid waste management, recycling and other environmental issues. As part of these efforts, tours of the Facility are offered to children and adults to enable them to experience firsthand how garbage is collected and how it is managed once it reaches the Facility.

By signing below, the individual who participates in a visit or tour of the Facility consents to the following waiver and release:

The undersigned agrees, on behalf of the undersigned and undersigned’s family members, employers, successors and assigns, to release, discharge, indemnify, hold harmless and covenant not to sue Blue Line Transfer, Inc. or any of its shareholders, officers, directors, agents, affiliates, insurers, successors and assigns, or any of the Cities and Counties they serve, from and for any and all damages, costs, claims, demands and expenses (including attorney’s fees) of whatever type or nature which may be caused by, arise out of or in any manner be connected with visiting or touring the Blue Line Transfer Station and Recycling Facility, including, without limitation, claims resulting from any injuries (including death) suffered during the visit or tour. The undersigned acknowledges that the undersigned has read and understands the foregoing waiver and release, and agrees to comply with all of the conditions, covenants and provisions herein.