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How do I start service?

Multi-family Residents need to contact their property owner/landlord to begin services.

What should I do if I can’t fit all my recycling in my cart?

Please contact your property owner/landlord to request an additional blue and/or green cart.

I have extra newspapers this week- can I just put them in a bag next to the cart?

Unfortunately, we cannot collect extra bags, cans, bundles, or boxes of materials. We only collect what is placed inside the appropriate carts.

Will you take extra bags of garbage and is there a charge?

Yes, just have your landlord call us at 650.589.4020 and tell us how many extra bags of garbage you have. The charges depend on the number and size of the bags.

What goes in each of the collection containers?

GARBAGE goes into the gray garbage cart or blue garbage dumpster.

RECYCLABLES go into the blue recycling cart or green dumpsters.

SSF Scavenger Company provides separate containers labeled for 1) Cardboard, 2) mixed paper and 3) bottles and cans.

For more information, please view our Outreach Materials.

What kind of plastics can I but in my recycling cart?

We accept all plastic bottles of any size or colors including plastic beverage bottles, detergent or shampoo bottles and milk jugs, etc. It’s a bottle if the neck is smaller than the base. We also accept plastic tubs such as yogurt, sour cream, margarine tubs

Where can I recycle Styrofoam packaging?

Clean Styrofoam packaging peanuts are accepted at most packaging stores such as Mail Boxes, Etc. If you need to throw them away, please help prevent litter problems and put the peanuts in a plastic bag then tie it closed.

Where can I recycle plastic bags?

You can recycle plastic grocery bags and clear plastic bags at many grocery stores. To limit the need for bags, reuse shopping bags, or even better, bring your own cloth shopping bag(s) to the store.

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