We’ve compiled a list of residents’ most frequently asked questions. Click on any subject below for more information.

I just moved to the area. How do I start my service?

Welcome! To start or stop service just give us a call at 650.589.4020. Service can start immediately.

What can I do to make sure my carts are serviced each week?

    • Make sure you know your collection day. Contact us to see when we service your area.
    • On your collection day, be sure your carts are at the curb by 5am.
    • Leave the carts at the curb until we’ve emptied them. Our trucks can arrive at different times each week.
    • Place your carts facing the street with wheels at the curb.
    • Leave 3 feet between each cart.
    • Do not place carts too close to parked cars, fire hydrants, low-hanging branches, and other obstacles.
    • Do not overload your carts. The lid should close completely.
    • Do not wedge or compact materials into your carts.
    • If you have extra garbage, please contact us to arrange for additional service.

How can residents prevent litter on collection days?

Here are a few tips to prevent collection day litter.

        • Do not overload your carts. Make sure the lids fully close. Contact us to make arrangements for collection of overflow.
        • Put your papers inside a paper bag and seal it with a staple.
        • Bag all Styrofoam packing peanuts before putting in the garbage.
        • Place glass items in the middle or bottom of your cart.

Today was my service day and one of my carts was not emptied. What should I do?

Please leave that cart out at the curb. If your neighbors’ carts were all emptied or it’s after 6pm, then it’s likely we accidently missed your cart. Contact us immediately and we will send a truck back around as soon as possible.

What belongs in each of my carts?

Garbage belongs in the gray, recyclables in the blue (paper under the gray lid, aluminum/glass/plastic containers under the blue lid) and organics (yard trimmings, food scraps and food-soiled paper) in the green. Visit our Outreach Materials page for more detailed information.

I do my own gardening and could really use some good quality compost.

Many gardeners transform their kitchen scraps and lawn clippings into high quality compost. We invite you to do the same. Click here for information on how to start your own compost program.

I recently replaced my fridge (or my water heater, or my sofa, or my bed, or my ...). What do I do with the old one?

You have several options. Click here to review what we suggest.

I have questions regarding my last bill. Is there someone who can help me?

Sure– just give us a call at 650.589.4020. Our office is open from 7 am and 4:30 pm, or you can leave a message and we will call you back.

What should I do with my leftover paint, fertilizer, pool chemicals, or cleaning products?

These items do not belong in any of your carts. Click here for information.

Do you collect household batteries and used motor oil?

Yes! On your collection day, put batteries in a clear zipper-lock bag and put into recycling cart under blue lid. Place on top of the bottles and cans. We take A, AA, AAA, C, D, 9-volt, rechargeable, camera, watch, hearing aid, and clock batteries. We also have curbside pickup for used motor oil. Please contain it in 1-gallon jugs that are clearly marked and tightly sealed. Place the jugs at the curb next to your recycling cart on collection day.

I’m doing some work on my house and have more garbage than usual. How do I get rid of it?

For a few extra bags, contact us to arrange for additional service. For large amounts, look into scheduling an on-call cleanup or ordering a 5 yard mini-debris box. Whether you’re cleaning out your garage, re-landscaping your yard, remodeling your kitchen, or deep cleaning, we have just the right size bin to suit your needs. Contact us or check out the service menu for complete information.

How can I dispose of medications?

The safest way to dispose of prescription medication and over the counter drugs is take them to your local police station (see list below) and drop them in the confidential drug disposal bin located inside the lobby.

Please follow these disposal procedures:

    • Remove excess packaging like boxes and bottles.
    • Consolidate pills in a zip lock bag or tied off bag.
    • Leave liquid medications in their original packaging.

Locations of Drug Disposal Bins for Brisbane, Millbrae & South San Francisco.

City of Brisbane, 50 Park Place
City of Millbrae, 581 Magnolia Street
City of South San Francisco 33 Arroyo drive, Ste. C

For other locations in San Mateo County go to www.flowstobay.org/pharm.

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