On-Call Cleanup Program

Residents of single-family dwellings can schedule two free cleanups per calendar year. It’s a great opportunity to get rid of a large bulky item and/or several bags of garbage. Schedule your cleanup and we’ll pick up:

12 Bags of Garbage


6 Bags of Garbage and 1 Large Item (sofa, mattress, appliance, etc)


2 Large Items (sofa, mattress, appliance, etc.)

*Note: Cleanups are scheduled on your regularly scheduled garbage collection day.

**Special Handling fees may apply to electronic waste or items requiring special handling.

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  • Call at least 24hrs in advance of your regularly scheduled collection day to schedule a Cleanup.
  • Let us know how many bags, boxes, and which bulky items you will be putting out at the curb.
  • No loose garbage will be collected; must be placed in bags or boxes.
  • All branches, wood pieces, and carpet rolls must be tied and no longer than 4 feet

Please recycle yard trimmings and other recyclables; if you have extra please call us.

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