Debris Box

South San Francisco Scavenger Company is the exclusive franchised debris box hauler for South San Francisco, Millbrae and Brisbane. We provide debris boxes to meet all your disposal needs, from green waste to construction and demolition waste. Simply let us know whether you need a box for recycling or for garbage and we’ll deliver it to your home or work site. Visit our frequently asked questions about debris box service to learn more.

Our debris boxes come in the following sizes:

5 Yard mini box5 ft-4 in6 ft-8 in4 ft-4 in
7 Yard Dirt rock concrete5 ft-5 in12 ft-5 in4 ft
14 Yard8 ft12 ft-5 in5 ft
20 Yard8 ft16 ft-5 in5 ft
30 Yard8 ft18 ft7 ft

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